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10 Small Businesses You Can Start In The 2023 Recession (Or Bad Economy) That Will Make You Rich

In this video, I share small business ideas that will be successful during a recession or bad economic times that will make you rich. With GDP contracting for 2/4 in a roll in the US and other indicators such as high oil and gas prices and supply chain logistics issues, a recession is a likely outcome despite low unemployment and an increase in consumer spending. The 10 small businesses that will make you rich include buying and selling candy during a recession, starting a staffing agency that targets the PO‘s and Customer Service call mom starting a delivery service where you outsource the actual delivery to Bearers. The fourth small business idea that will make you a millionaire is to buy and sell products online using platforms like Alibaba, Goffah, Amazon and Shopify, to start an online beauty business, a corporate cleaning service, online teaching or tutoring, freelancing including virtual assistant writer and more, and starting a business in healthcare that caters to senior citizen services. These business ideas all have the potential to make you millions and they are simple to start and don’t require a lot of investment upfront. In this video, I’m going to share with you 10 small businesses you can start in the 2022 Recession (or Bad Economy) that will make you rich.

These businesses are all easy to start and will require very little capital. With hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck, you can be successful in this tough economy. From owning your own business to becoming a freelancer, these businesses are perfect for anyone looking to make some extra money. So watch this video, learn from my experience and start your own business today!
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