lørdag, april 13

The Best eCommerce Business to Start Right Now

The best ecommerce business to start right now is hands down facebook marketplace dropshipping.

I’ve tried pretty much every eCommerce business model out there (some were successful and some were failures), but nothing has jumped off as quickly and as profitably as Facebook Marketplace dropshipping has.

I compare it to selling on amazon a decade ago. The platform was expanding exponentially, the opportunity was ridiculous, and the amount of other competitive sellers hadn’t spiked too much yet.

In short dropshipping on facebook marketplace is super simple. All you do is list products from websites like amazon, Walmart, or ebay for example….at higher prices on facebook marketplace. Then you have whatever website you listed from ship the item to the customer…and keep the difference for yourself.

And since facebook is pushing marketplace so hard right now, the sales on the platform are skyrocketing.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. It’s not like you have anything to lose by listing products on marketplace (it costs you nothing).

And if you’d like a more step by step tutorial version of how to do this quickly, check out the trailer video on this channel. In 5 minutes I’ll take you from complete beginner to fully ready to start today.

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